About us

Petite Mila brand has been offering feminine creations, mainly textiles, with exclusive prints since 2013, imagined by Caroline, her designer, in Aix en Provence.
A singular universe characterized by minimalist organic forms inspired by nature.

"Mila" a first name for the authentic and human aspect + an adjective "petite" for her French origin.
At Petite Mila, nature is at the heart of our values. We have imagined authentic products with completely natural materials. Our creations are also distinguished by the originality of their design, drawn and imagined by Caroline, its creator, in Aix-en-Provence.

You are unique, so are our creations.

The creator

"After literary and artistic studies, I put my creativity to sleep for the first few years to devote myself to one of my passions: travel. So I started my career in tourism. "A road trip in 2013 in the United States, that the brand was born. Far from everything, I had finally given a sense to my creativity, the right time had come to get started. I started to expressing on tote-bags and over the years, I have declined the brand on different supports. The creation of prototypes, the research of materials, colors and the creation of patterns are at the heart of my creative process. "

Caroline, the creator of Petite Mila


2013: Brand creations.
Many bloggers and women's press magazines will promote the brand, the tote-bags will be the brand's first success. The reputation of Petite Mila is growing very quickly, especially on Instagram (which today reaches more than 9,000 subscribers)

2014: Petite Mila is one of the first French brands to offer message pockets. The "Life is full of surprises" model will be a real success, we can now find it everywhere ...
Some creations will be sold in the Parisian stores "Des Petits Hauts" and "Les Fleurs"

2016: The brand is selected and sold to the Etsy Corner of Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussman
Chanel will call on Petite Mila for tote bags during a Marseillais event

2017: launch of the textile design range

2018: Petite Mila, surrounded by other creators, opens several Pop Up stores in the Aix-en-Provence region

2019: launch of the well-being range: olfactory spray, candles and herbal teas made from whole and organic plants harvested in Provence.

2020: Petite Mila is selected to participate in the Salon Côté Sud on 5,6,7 and 8 June in Aix en Provence
The making
Questions of ethics and production quality are at the heart of the brand. Petite Mila has worked with trusted partners from the start for printing, production and tailoring.
Each creation is developed in an eco-responsible approach favoring natural materials such as organic cotton, vegetable wax and pure and organic essential oils.

Organic cotton

All our textile creations meet GOTS standards. THE global benchmark for evaluating organic fibers. This standard brings together several requirements since the harvesting of raw materials, the preparation from a social and environmental point of view and labeling. Since organic cotton is grown mainly in India, Petite Mila has chosen a clothing workshop located there. This garment workshop is certified GOTS, SA8000, (label ensuring the human rights of employees and guaranteeing strict standards of hygiene, security and well-being in the professional environment) and member of the WFTO (fair trade).

Slow fashion - Slow life

The textile industry certainly has the highest ecological impact. This is why Petite Mila has chosen organic cotton, and produces only in small series.

Anxious to offer innovative and quality products, we favor sustainable materials that reduce the amount of waste.