Lapis Lazuli Energy Bracelet

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      Lapis Lazuli Energy Bracelet

      "Enter the magic of stones with our delicate bracelets with energetic virtues"

      Bracelet adjustable on iridescent copper wire and fine stone of Lapis Lazuli

      Each stone is unique, of different size and shape

      An illustrated map with energy properties is attached to the bracelet

      Gold filled finishes  (14K gold, does not oxidize)

      Handmade in Aix-en-provence

      Mantra: "I feel connected to my true nature, I dare to be myself"



      Do you know the power of stones?

      iridescent copper cord

      natural stone black agate

      gold filled finishes (does not fear water, does not oxidize)

      You can keep your energy bracelet on yourself underwater

      Lapis Lazuli Energy Bracelet

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