Passionate about this direct link between body and mind and convinced that everything is vibration (colors, materials, scents), Caroline Quesnel, the creator of the PETITE MILA brand, has been offering since 2019 a range of creations around well-being and energetics.

"From 2019 to 2023, PETITE MILA has gone from a range of 3 olfactory sprays to a wide aromatic range of holistic treatments. I put a lot of time and care into the artisanal production of my creations and into the search for the most pure and most natural." Caroline


Clean, organic and natural formulas, handmade and made in France..

  • Innovative and effective creations
  • Natural and organic materials
  • Ethical and sustainable manufacturing that respects people and the planet
  • Recyclable, biodegradable or compostable packaging
  • Reintroduce the benefits of rituals into your daily life
  • Take care of your energy
  • Harmonize body and mind